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About MedReviews

The MedReviews website was established to provide up-to-date and reliable information about doctors and medical professionals in Israel and enable them to manage and maintain their reputation and online presence.

The uniqueness of the MedReviews website lies in being a platform that allows the public to receive information about hundreds of doctors based on current reviews published by their patients. In addition to authentic reviews, the doctor's page also provides information about the types of treatments performed in the clinic, the types of insurance and HMOs that have agreements with them, the location of the clinic, the possibility of virtual consultation, and more...

In the past, patients found medical professionals based on recommendations from family members or acquaintances, or conducted searches about medical professionals in various forums to find reviews from past patients. Today, there is a platform that centralizes all the information about doctors in Israel.

The MedReviews website enables the general public to get an impression of medical professionals and their satisfaction based on reviews received from their previous patients, and the reviews are tagged according to the types of treatments performed in the clinic.

In addition, the site also provides information on the latest medical developments, updates on health policies, and more, in order to provide a comprehensive and reliable resource for those seeking information about the medical field in Israel.

If you did not find a specific doctor on the MedReviews website, we would be happy to hear about it and add them (if they agree).

The collection of patient reviews: the clinic team sends a link to patients through an automatic system. Upon receiving the message, patients are given the opportunity to write a review quickly and simply by accessing the received link.

All reviews received by the MedReviews system are quickly published on the website and appear on the relevant doctor's profile page.

Reviews cannot be removed from the website system except by a direct request from the author of the review to the MedReviews system.

We hope that the MedReviews website will help everyone find the most suitable doctors for them through a reliable system for collecting reviews and the wisdom of the crowd. At the same time, it will also help all doctors to receive the most suitable patients for them.

You can contact us at the email address: or through the Contact Us page on the site.


The information and content displayed on this site is intended to provide informative information and expressive opinion on behalf of third parties only they are not a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied upon as such advice. Any use of the information on the site requires examination and verification with the relevant parties. Use of the site and its contents is the sole and complete responsibility of the user

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